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Your solar panels could be producing up to 30% more energy. RST Cleaning Solutions Is The World’s Only Cost-Effective Automated Solar Panel Cleaning. Contact us today to produce more energy.

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  • The novelty of the RST Solar+ lies in its unique design; it is specifically tailored to meet the solar panel manufacturer’s maintenance standards in every dimension. RST Solar+ is an automated purified water cleaning system that cleans solar panels completely complying

  • One of the main reasons Homeowners turn to solar power is to save money on their utility bills. The RST CleanTech homekit optimizes panel production and can be installed on residential PV systems in a couple hours.

  • Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial solar arrays provide a high-return capital investment that can help stabilize operational costs long term. With RST CleanTech, you can optimize the performance of your investment and improve project overall financials.

  • Utility solar arrays need to be as efficient as possible to realize the largest returns for their investors. RST CleanTech projects have higher returns and protect panel warranties long term. 

  • RST automated system was activated remotely as a widespread fire approached. This action prevented destruction and preserved the solar system and the underlying structure while the neighboring building that did not have the RST CleanTech Solution was completely destroyed.

  • Below, you can see the comparison of automatically cleaned PV system (daily), periodically cleaned PV systems (once 2-3 weeks), and rarely cleaned PV system (once a season).

  • RST received certification by Chile’s Agency of Sustainable Energy. The certificate shows that the RST CleanTech Solution achieved over 20% production-increase over a nine-week period compared to solar panels that did not have RST installed.

  • How Adler Realty Investments used the RST CleanTech Solution to improve solar panel production 26.2%.

  • The dirt on your panels causes significant loss of energy production — and these losses can easily be avoided. All you have to do is keep the panels clean! But not all cleaning methods will help increase production.

  • Dirty solar panels reduce production significantly, and a common question is "how often should I clean my solar panels?". Here is how often you need to clean your solar panels to optimize production.

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