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Homeowner Trevar Windsor

Homeowner Trevar Windsor

Up to 30%

Increased production


Solar panels cleaned @ 15-degree tilt

"We have had the RST system for over a year now - it was great to see our true-up bill go down and also to keep people off our roof. It was surprising how well it kept the pollen from the trees off the panels. We are very happy with our system."

Trevar Windsor of Arcadia, California used RST to increase the production of his solar panels and avoid potential issues of workers on his roof.


  • Despite surrounding trees, RST effectively removed pollen, dirt, andleaves on the panels.
  • Panels were kept clean all year round - show your neighbors how tomaintain solar panels!
  • Kept people off the roof - no more scheduling cleaners or worryingabout breaking things on roof or someone getting hurt

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Why RST CleanTech?

Over 10 years ago, we set out to solve one of the biggest problems facing solar – panel soiling. We wanted to find a way to keep panels clean, maximize energy production, protect panel warranties, and increase revenue for system owners.

We knew there had to be a way to achieve our goals that didn’t entail deploying thousands of bristle-wielding workers or robots onto high voltage solar arrays across the world. When we realized there wasn’t, we created one. Enter, RST NightWash™.

RST NightWash™ is a safe, cost-effective, and eco-friendly automated solar panel cleaning solution.


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