Automated Solar Panel Cleaning: The Key to Avoiding Labor Costs While Maximizing Energy Efficiency

If you want to get the most out of your solar investment, you need to ensure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency, which means keeping your panels clean all the time. And if you currently rely on traditional solar panel cleaning methods then you are already painfully aware of how costly regular manual solar panel cleaning is. 

Now consider the fact that labor costs are on the rise: Compensation costs for private industry workers in the U.S. jumped 5.5 percent year over year in June 2022, up from a 3.1 percent annual increase a year earlier. That means your traditional solar panel cleaning is about to get a lot more expensive. 

The good news is there is a way to hedge against increased labor costs AND maximize your system’s production. What’s the secret? Automated solar panel cleaning.  

Rising labor costs threaten your solar project’s ROI

Traditional solar panel cleaning requires manual labor, and labor costs are rising along with inflation. This trend brings some unexpected consequences to solar project owners:

The rising cost of labor will threaten operating expenses (OPEX) and prolong the return on investment (ROI) for solar projects.   

The out-of-pocket expense of regularly scheduled manual solar panel cleaning is already disagreeable for most owners. In fact, most owners schedule the bare minimum of one or two cleanings a year to meet panel warranty requirements, and they don’t even realize how much production they are losing by cleaning their panels so infrequently. 

Unfortunately, system owners stand to miss out on even more value from their system as labor prices continue to rise. Fluctuating maintenance costs will directly impact OPEX costs and lengthen the ROI for solar projects. 

Luckily, the negative impacts of rising labor costs can be avoided with an automated solar panel cleaning system like RST NightWash™. 

Hedge against increased labor costs with automated solar panel cleaning

The RST NightWash™ system not only keeps your panels constantly clean, it is also labor-free after installation. That means you are able to hedge against increased labor costs while simultaneously maximizing your system’s production. It is the epitome of a win-win situation. 

Well, it is actually more of a win-win-win situation because it cleans better and safer than traditional solar panel cleaning methods.

  • Up to 30% more energy production
  • No labor, no robots, no moving parts – just clean panels
  • Safe, low-impact design
  • Warranty compliant
  • No chemicals, byproducts, or abrasives

RST NightWash™ will stabilize your OPEX costs and protect your ROI

Don’t let rising labor costs overrun your operations and maintenance (O&M) allocation. Lock in safe, secure, cost-effective solar panel cleaning for the lifetime of your project with RST NightWash™. Contact us for a quote today.


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