Our automated solar panel cleaning technology covers all the bases.


Installers: Deliver on your maintenance-free solar promise.

Your residential customers are more solar-savvy today than ever before. They know dirty panels equal lost production and energy savings. And when a “maintenance-free” system produces less than expected, it can reflect poorly on the installer. Some customers will resort to climbing on their roof or spraying their garden hose to remedy the issue, but this can actually damage the system. 

The answer is a simple solution. Our fully automated solar panel cleaning system, RST NightWash™, keeps production high and your customers happy. We use advanced water filtration technology to wash solar panels with pure, low pressure water to protect warranties and optimize production. 

RST works with installers to provide this automated cleaning solution either at the time of sale or as a retrofit application. Increase the value of your installations while providing a higher performing product for your customers.

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The RST NightWash™ System proactively cleans your solar panels to prevent soiling losses, increasing production by up to 30%—reducing your project payback period and improving project financials.

Our fully automated panel cleaning solution utilizes a patented water irrigation system with no moving parts to clean your panels, protecting your warranty while avoiding the hassle and liability of scheduling laborious manual cleanings. Our trusted system cleans over 2,000,000 solar panels each night, and you can trust it for your panels, too.

With the RST NightWash™ System installed on your new or existing commercial solar project, you can enjoy sparkling blue panels, increased production, and better returns on your investment.

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Whether you grow almonds or raise dairy cows, work on the farm gets dirty—and your solar panels are no exception.

The RST CleanTech solution will keep your panels clean through dusty harvest seasons, air pollution, fires, and day-to-day grime, without the hassle of scheduling manual cleanings.

Our fully automated solar panel cleaning system uses patented irrigation technology to wash your panels with pure, chemical-free water, making it safe for operation around crops and livestock. Because you can control your cleanings, you can clean whenever you want and keep your panels clean all the time, maximizing solar production.

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Maximize investment returns and stablize OPEX costs with the RST NighWash System.

We know utility solar arrays need to be as efficient as possible to realize the largest returns for their investors. RST NightWash can significantly improve your project’s ROI by increasing solar production by up to 30%.  At the same time, RST can fix operating expenditures by removing labor from panel cleaning.     

Our patented system is compatible with all ground-mount, single-axis, and dual-axis systems, and it works with all types of solar panels. RST NightWash is operated remotely via our smartphone app, meaning no more visits or scheduling required to clean the panels.

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