Central Valley Solar Farmers: Be Prepared for Soiling Season

Solar panel soiling is inevitable. Different soiling materials (dir, airborne pollution, pollen, bird droppings, etc.) accumulate on the surface of solar panels, blocking sunlight and lowering solar energy production. In agricultural areas of California such as the Central Valley, this risk is particularly high, especially during “soiling season”. Soiling season refers to the drier months of the year (August through November) when harvest is in full swing kicking up dust and rain is scarce. 

Soiling season can be disastrous for your solar investment.

Fortunately, there’s still time to install an automated cleaning solution before this great dust bowl arrives. Installing RST NightWash™ is the best option for proactively combatting soiling losses. Keep your panels blue at all times and be confident that you’re earning the maximum return on your investment.

Soiling Rates and Soiling Season

Unfortunately, soiling losses are not widely discussed by solar developers and asset owners pay the price. Soiling is best understood through “soiling rates” – the amount of energy production lost each day due to soiling. Solar panels in California’s Central Valley see soiling rates around 1% per day for most of the year. That means that just 10 days after a manual cleaning, those panels are already losing 10% production – yikes!

But soiling rates are not consistent and vary throughout the year. During soiling season in the Central Valley, we often see soiling rates double or even triple – meaning that those solar projects are generating up to 30% less energy. It’s not rocket science. Dirty solar panels produce less energy, which negatively impacts your ROI.

Not All Cleaning is Created Equal

Other solar panel cleaning solutions simply can’t compare with RST NightWash™, especially during soiling season. Traditional manual solar panel cleaning methods are reactive, not preventative. Your solar panels can easily be recoated in dirt within days after a manual cleaning. Leaving you to choose between shelling out more cash for another cleaning, or suffering costly production losses.

On the other hand, RST NightWash™ prevents soiling buildup from ever occurring, keeping your panels clean all the time; no matter how much dust is kicked up during soiling season your panels will always stay blue. Even better, our automated solar panel cleaning system can be operated with your smartphone so you can enjoy consistently clean panels with zero hassle. RST NightWash™ protects your solar investment on many levels:

  1. By ensuring that your system is operating at maximum capacity at all times
  2. By eliminating the potential for human error that may damage you panels
  3. By avoiding the use of abrasive cleaning techniques and harmful chemicals
  4. By cleaning at night to avoid thermal stress

Protect your panel warranty and your solar investment with RST NightWash™.

Prepare for Soiling Season Today

There’s still time to install RST NightWash™ before this year’s soiling season. There’s no point in waiting, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of constantly clean panels all year round. Unlock the production you were promised by installers. Maximize the return on your solar investment. Contact us today to request a free consultation.


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