5 Positive Effects Going Solar Has on the Environment

Residential or commercial solar panels give us the opportunity to make a significant impact on the environment.

Converting the sun into energy reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions that pollute our environment. Solar is a clean, renewable source of energy that replaces the need for alternative energy sources that produce toxic emissions. The more residential homes and businesses that have solar panels, the bigger impact it will make on our environment as a whole.

If solar panel installation is on your radar, below are five positive effects your solar panel investment will have on the environment for you to consider.

Reduced Water Consumption

This benefit of solar panels is often overlooked, but it’s true that water usage goes way down with solar panels. Without solar panels, our electric systems rely on water to transport fuel through pipes. Water is one of the most valuable natural resources and we need to work hard to conserve it. Solar panels don’t need water to create energy, instead, they create clean energy from the sun.

Less Air Contamination

Clean energy will not pollute the air like energy generation from coal, oil or gas. Solar panels will cut air contamination significantly, and in turn create better air quality for us to breathe in. The less harmful emissions from greenhouse gasses into our air the better.

Renewable Energy

Clean, renewable energy created from solar panels means energy is always available to us, even during a drought or severe heat wave. Since solar energy doesn’t rely on any resources to operate other than the sun, we’re never at risk of losing energy.

Improves Public Health

If the air we breathe is cleaner due to less toxic emissions, our public health will see an overall improvement. Better public health could result in reduced healthcare costs and a lower mortality rate. Clean air keeps our lungs clean, which over time contributes to a healthier population.

Less Reliant on Fossil Fuels

Creating solar energy makes us less dependent on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are running out, which puts our energy source at risk. Using a renewable and free energy source means a more secure future for energy.

Solar Panel Conclusion

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