The solar industry
has a dirty little secret...

...Your solar panels could be producing up to 30% more energy.

The good news is that it is possible to reclaim that lost energy (and profit) by minimizing soiling losses with our automated solar panel cleaning system.

RST NightWash™ is the first cost-effective technology to minimize soiling losses and improve production.

The secret is out! There is no need to let dirt on your solar panels waste your money anymore.

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Minimum Dirt = Maximum Production

Soiling losses cost you money.

RST NightWash™ is the first cost-effective solution to eliminating soiling losses.
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What happens to solar panels after they are installed? And how do you optimize solar production? Those topics are often merely an afterthought in the solar industry – but they shouldn’t be.

When modeling future solar performance, solar professionals account for several losses – the most severe being soiling losses (panels + dirt = lower energy production). Solar analysts don’t typically discuss soiling losses because they are seen as inevitable.

But ignoring dirt on your solar panels is like ignoring rain on your windshield – it is downright irresponsible. Hence why we deem it the “dirty little secret” of the solar industry.

But, the secret out: It is possible to minimize soiling losses and get up to 30% more energy production out of your panels – and RST NightWash™ is the solution. RST NightWash™ is the first technology to economically minimize soiling losses and improve production. Don’t let dirt mess with your solar panels anymore.

See how much soiling matters.

If you want to know exactly how much production your solar power system is losing due to soiling, and learn when the most cost-effective time to clean your solar panels is, check out Fracsun’s ARES Soiling Measurement Station.

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five stars
“I am glad that we added the RST system to our solar array. You can easily tell the difference in the level of cleanliness. Now, my panels are always blue and I know that I’m getting the most out of them. We’re seeing consistently higher energy outputs compared to last year when we were scheduling monthly cleanings. The install was quick and RST has been easy to work with. My system practically cleans itself now as frequently as need be. RST has truly helped me realize the full potential of my solar investment.”
Charles Vanderkooi
System Owner
five stars
"I'm thoroughly impressed by these production results. Before installing RST NightWash™, I was convinced that cleaning my panels twice a year would sufficiently address soiling losses. This was far from the truth. Now that my system is optimized with RST, I get to enjoy 23 years of increased production, while avoiding all the logistical headaches of manual panel cleaning."
Olinda, Sun Valley
System Owner

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