5 Benefits of Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning

Without the proper solar panel maintenance, your solar panel investment is not protected like it should be. Cleaning your solar panels can increase production up to 30 percent, in addition to keeping your warranty compliant. However, most homeowners and business owners with solar panels aren’t familiar with solar panel cleaning best practices. This is where RST CleanTech Solutions comes in.

The RST CleanTech Solution is fully automated and requires very little maintenance on your end. The RST CleanTech Solution system cleans every week, keeping the solar panels from soiling and hindering their full energy production. It’s a simple concept that dirty panels will obstruct the panels from performing at full capacity, caused by dirt and debris left behind like leaves, bird droppings or pollen.

What is Automatic Solar Cleaning?

Instead of manually cleaning your solar panels, automatic solar cleaning systems like RST CleanTech Solution’s system keep your panels clean at all times. The system cleans every week to prevent soiling, with no moving parts or manual workers on your property.

Top 5 Benefits of Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning

Increases Energy Production

When we think of solar panels, we think of the money we save from using the sun as a renewable energy source, in addition to reducing greenhouse gasses into the environment. Most of us don’t realize that our solar panels can’t reach their full energy production potential if they’re dirty. An automatic solar panel cleaning system protects your investment by keeping the solar panels clean, which leads to an increase of up to 30 percent more energy production.

Hardly Any Maintenance

Once the automatic solar cleaning system is installed, there isn’t a lot of further maintenance to stay on top of. RST CleanTech Solutions makes it easy for homeowners and business owners in that every system is custom-made to fit the solar panels’ position and accommodate the changing seasons – and there are no moving parts.

Protects Manufacturer’s Warranty

Don’t void your manufacturer’s warranty because of failing to maintain your solar panels. The RST CleanTech Solution technology is designed to comply with all solar panel manufacturer standards and requirements. The system cleans at night to avoid thermal stresses which can void your warranty. It also uses purified water, treating any local water source (hard, soft, grey) down to safe and negligible levels of lime scale.

No Personal Injury Risk

Climbing up and working on roofs can be dangerous. An automatic solar panel cleaning system eliminates the need for cleaners to physically get on the roof of your residential home or commercial building, thus resulting in no personal injury risk.

Completely Green

RST CleanTech Solutions is one of the only solar panel automation systems that is completely green. Our solution contains no chemicals, abrasives, or high pressure, and we avoid all chemical byproducts. RST CleanTech Solution’s goal was to create a cost-effective solar panel cleaning solution to that was safer, greener , and more efficient than the rest.

Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Conclusion

Manually cleaning your solar panels will increase production temporarily, but the panels will get dirty again in a few weeks. RST CleanTech’s fully automated solution will continuously keep them clean in the safest and most efficient way, with no risk of thermal stress. – and without voiding your warranty. Get the most out of your solar panels with an automatic solar panel cleaning solution like the one from RST CleanTech Solutions.

RST CleanTech Solutions is the world’s only cost-effective automated solar panel cleaning solution. The Our solar panel maintenance system is designed to make sure you get the most out of your solar panels while preserving your panel warranty. You could have a solar panel cleaning system that allows your solar panels to produce more energy! Let us show you how we can help save you money. Contact us today!


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