Case studies

Adler Realty Investments


Increased production

1,743 kWh/kW

Production factor

Adler Realty Investments is a commercial property owner with over three million square feet under management.

  • Successful PILOT: RST installed a PILOT project with Adler Realty inOctober 2019. After three months, the increase in production was over 20%. Adler installed RST on their entire rooftop system in March 2020.
  • A busy fire season in Q3 2020 saw ash build up on the roof. Nevertheless, RST kept the panels clean, although weeks of cloudy weather hurt yearly production. 
  • 1743 kWh/kW production factor in 2020 despite the fires. The Adler rooftop system has 5-degree racking at an azimuth of 150. According to the PV Watts energy model, the production factor should have been 1524 kWh/kW. That's 14.4% better production. 
  • The RST system ran twice a week at 5:00 am for the full year. The water bill is estimated to be $70 for 2020.

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