Cleaning for all projects, large and small.

Our simple and ingenious technology makes it possible to fit NightWash™ to all types and sizes. It can be installed during construction or retrofitted to an existing project.

Project Owners

A convenient, cost-effective way to keep panels clean while protecting panel warranties.

We maximize your solar assets and protect warranties.

If your panels are dirty, you are losing money. This means you start losing money just days after a manual cleaning. RST NightWash™ keeps your panels clean all the time, protects your panel warranty by cleaning at night, and avoids the hassle and liability of frequent manual cleanings. Our fully automated solar panel cleaning system can increase your solar panels’ production up to 30%, simply by proactively cleaning your panels to prevent soiling losses. 

Minimize Headache, Maximize ROI

Unlike traditional manual cleaning processes that require system owners to manage scheduling and on-site logistics, the RST NightWash™ system can be controlled entirely from our mobile app. Just set the schedule and forget about it. This keeps people off your roof and away from high voltage equipment, reducing liability and the risk of damage to your property. 

With RST, you can enjoy consistently clean panels and peace of mind, all while increasing your return on investment.


Automated solar panel cleaning: the perfect add-on for solar installers.

Installers, we make you look good.

Face it -- solar panels are not maintenance-free. A typical system will lose 10 to 30% of its production each year due to soiling. So what can you do about it?  

Provide the RST NightWash™ on your projects and stand out from the crowd. With our automated solar panel cleaning system, your installed solar projects can live up to the promise of being truly maintenance-free, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing their investment.  

Our automated filtration and solar panel cleaning technology has rave reviews by installers who agree that our system is compliant with panel maintenance requirements and preserves warranties. Our system is easy to install, requiring no screws or glue, and works with virtually all project types.

Our trusted system cleans over 2,000,000 panels each night, and you can trust it for your customers, too.


Give your customers the option they always wanted, but never knew they needed: automated solar panel cleaning.

Add a product category that delivers.

Offer your customers something that directly improves their system performance. By simply keeping panels clean, the RST CleanTech system can increase production by up to 30%, making it a system add-on that actually reduces payback periods instead of extending them.

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without windshield wipers, you shouldn’t buy solar panels without an integrated cleaning system. Adding the RST CleanTech solution to your repertoire of solar offerings can put more money back in your customer’s pocket and more money in yours.

When you work with RST, we offer training and support to set up you – and your customers – for success.


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