RST NightWash™

Unlock the full potential of your solar.

Stop losing money

We solve the biggest problem you didn’t know you had.

Fully automated cleaning to
keep panels clean, all the time.

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Our solution to soiling losses is extraordinarily straightforward.
All solar panels get dirty.
Dirty solar panels don’t
produce as much energy
as clean ones.
Traditional solar panel
cleaning is time-consuming
and a potential liability.

Get more from your solar project.

Weekly cleaning can increase
production by up to 30%.

Panels get dirty over time resulting in reduced energy production; this is commonly referred to
as soiling losses.

You can minimize soiling losses and get up to
30% more energy production out of your panels
with our automated solar panel cleaning system. NightWash™ is the first technology to
economically minimize soiling losses and
improve production.

The secret is out! There is no need to let dirt on
your solar panels waste your money anymore.

See how much you are losing

Mind blowingly convenient.

No labor, no robots, no
moving parts – just fully
automated cleaning controlled
from your smartphone.

Once you recognize how much value can be
unlocked by regularly cleaning your solar panels, you might be tempted to hire the neighborhood kid. But before you hand him a hose and a ladder, keep in mind that manual cleaning only increases production until panels are dirty again.

On the other hand, the 100% automated RST
NightWash™ system helps you to realize the full production of your solar installation by allowing you to clean your panels as much as you want simply from the RST CleanTech App.

See NightWash™ in action

Safe, low-impact

Our fully automated system
reduces your liability by keeping people off your roof and property.

Manual solar panel cleaning requires, well, manual labor. And manual labor translates into logistics and labor safety hazards. The more people there are working on your property the more room there is for human error, which means there is a much higher likelihood that someone will get injured.

RST CleanTech’s fully automated solar panel cleaning system requires no labor after installation. That keeps people off your roof and away from high voltage equipment. Removing people from your property reduces your liability and the headache that comes with worrying about it. With RST, you can enjoy constantly clean panels and peace of mind.

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Protect your investment.

Our warranty-compliant process is endorsed by manufacturers to safely and effectively clean your panels.

The NightWash™ fully automated solar panel cleaning system is designed and developed in accordance with solar panel manufacturers’ warranty and maintenance guidelines.

Get the global stamp of approval.

2 Patents
4,000+ Projects Installed Worldwide
2,000,000 Panels Cleaned Each Night
10+ Years in Business
Offices Around the World
Global Team Specialized in Solar (O&M) Solutions

Protect your investment.

No chemicals or byproducts, just completely green solar panel cleaning.

We take pride in our fully automated solar panel cleaning
systems being both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Everyone knows solar energy is good for the planet, so it’s only logical that you choose a Planet Earth approved method for cleaning your solar panels.

RST CleanTech’s solar panel cleaning system is completely green. We don’t use any chemicals or their byproducts. Just soft, filtered water.

An eco-friendly cleaning system isn’t just one that doesn’t use any chemicals or byproducts. It’s also extremely efficient with water usage to avoid any unnecessary waste.

By switching to solar you are already on Mother Nature’s good side. Make sure you keep it that way by using Planet Earth’s favorite panel cleaning system.

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