The Hidden Hazards of Solar Panel Cleaning (and How to Avoid Them)

Rooftop solar is an excellent economic and environmental investment for businesses: By producing your energy from solar panels, you can cut energy costs, increase your energy independence, and advance your organization’s sustainability and carbon reduction goals. 

However, solar panels get dirty over time, resulting in as much as 30% lost production in a single year and tens of thousands of dollars in lost energy savings! This reduced production directly translates into lost profits and a lower return on investment. 

To minimize losses, it’s important to keep your solar panels nice and clean. But did you know that traditional panel cleaning techniques carry risks and may result in added costs – and even damaged panels? Have no fear: Automated cleaning systems offer a safe, efficient, and low-impact way to keep your panels clean, which optimizes production and ensures that you get the most from your solar system. 

The Risks of Traditional Cleaning Techniques

There are many aspects of traditional solar panel cleaning that can add complexity and risk for the system owner. Traditional processes tend to involve technicians with busy schedules, abrasive chemicals, and risks of human error. And with labor comes liability – the more people you have on your roof, the greater the potential for injury, damage, and added costs. 

Cleaning timing matters, too. Panel cleaning is usually performed during the day, and applying cold water to hot glass creates thermal stress, which may cause your panels to crack. This is a risk that system owners are often forced to take, as most technicians are not available for cleaning services at night. 

Besides all of this, there’s a chance that you are losing money before you even schedule a technician! Installers often design oversized systems to account for several losses, the most severe being soiling losses. They tend to accept these losses as “inevitable” in order to meet production projections, which means you’re paying for panels that you don’t need.  

Lastly, traditional solar panel cleaning techniques sometimes use abrasive and harmful chemicals – both to your panels and the environment. These chemicals can run off into local drainage and pollute water sources or harm delicate ecosystems. Yuck! 

Automated Solar Panel Cleaning to the Rescue

What if there was a product that eliminated these risks and provided reliable, effective solar panel cleaning? Enter RST Nightwash™: A 100% automated solar panel cleaning solution. RST Nightwash™ helps you realize the full potential of your solar panel system while removing the need for expensive and risky cleaning labor. This advanced system utilizes advanced water engineering and filtering technologies to effectively and safely clean your solar panels according to manufacturer liability requirements, helping you preserve your panel warranty.

Worry-Free Automation 

An automated system is designed to give you true hands-off peace of mind. You can forgo scheduling a technician, paying for labor, and worrying about solar panel damage or human safety hazards. Using your smartphone, you can easily schedule your system to clean at night to avoid the thermal stress caused by spraying cold water onto hot solar panels. 

While manual cleaning requires intense human attention to detail, automated cleaning operates in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. This means you don’t have to worry about losing out on any warranties due human error. RST Nightwash™ hardware is connected to the solar panels with our patented clips, which also eliminates any need for drilling or glue. And because there are no moving parts, maintenance is extremely minimal. 

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Your solar panels are good for our planet, so your cleaning system should be too. Traditional cleaning techniques require harmful chemicals and lots of water, which is bad for the planet – not to mention your wallet. 

In contrast, fully automated cleaning systems can utilize advanced water engineering to clean your solar panels in the most water-efficient way possible. For example, RST Nightwash™ can clean an entire panel with only two cups of water! That’s ten times less water than is used in traditional cleaning solutions. 

Plus, the system does not use any harmful chemicals or abrasive brushes. With modern filtering technology, only soft, pure, chemical-free water is used to clean your solar panels. Even the built-in water filter cleans itself! With such gentle and thorough cleaning, your panels will stay free of any corrosion or limestone buildup.

Maximize Panel Production with RST Nightwash™

It’s no secret that clean solar panels simply look better. But dirty solar panels also hide a dirty little secret: Soiling losses mean lower energy production and a hit to your bottom line. 

While traditional cleaning techniques can increase liability and cause panel damage, RST Nightwash™ is a fully automated system that cleans your panels safely and efficiently, ensuring optimized solar production, minimal risk, and a headache-free cleaning process. 

No labor, no robots, no moving parts. Just the peace of mind of clean panels all the time.


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