Any Solar EPC Can Use NEM 3.0 to Optimize Sales in California

Solar EPCs in California have been uniquely busy these past few months. Sales teams have been working overtime to get as many projects as possible locked in at more preferable net metering rates (NEM 2.0) ahead of the April 14 deadline. Today, California solar companies have a hefty pipeline of projects to fulfill, which is great, but what will their sales teams do now that the mad dash for NEM 2.0 is over and the less favorable NEM 3.0 is here?

We have the answer: RST NightWash™, our active solar panel cleaning system. RST NightWash™ provides an excellent opportunity for solar sales teams to earn new commissions and maintain contact with customers whose projects might not break ground for a couple of years. Additionally, this product will increase customer satisfaction as it maximizes their energy production over the system’s lifespan.

Keep reading to learn how RST NightWash™ can rejuvenate your solar EPC sales team.

Welcome to the NEM 3.0 Era

Everyone (including Morningstar analysts) knows that California solar demand is about to drop faster than the Nasdaq in 2008. In order to avoid attrition and layoffs, California solar companies are going to need to be nimble and implement new cutting-edge business strategies. We’ve got a suggestion and the bright side is that the hard work is already over. Solar sales teams can quickly capitalize on existing project pipelines by upselling customers on an add-on they'll very much want: RST NightWash™. 

The NEM 3.0 shift is actually the perfect opportunity for any EPC contractor to maximize their revenue stream by selling systems with a built-in automated cleaning solution, RST NightWash™. EPCs can generate more sales (and commissions for their sales staff) and leave customers happier as they will feel confident in the fact that they’re optimizing their energy production while drastically cutting maintenance (aka cleaning) costs.

Generate More Revenue & Sales Commission

Right now, California solar salespeople are probably living their best lives vacationing on some tropical island, popping champagne to celebrate the jaw-dropping commissions that they made over the first few months of 2023. This party won’t last forever, so let’s discuss what happens next.

The unfortunate reality is that NEM 3.0 elongates customer payback periods, making new solar projects significantly less lucrative. According to energy analysts at Wood Mackenzie, the solar payback period in California will shift from five to six years to 14 to 15 years. Buying solar panels is already expensive, thus any increase in the time it takes to see a return on investment may discourage corporations from making an investment in solar.

While sales teams may struggle to pitch new projects, savvy EPC companies can easily generate more revenue off their existing project pipeline by introducing customers to an automated panel cleaning solution. RST NightWash™ gives salespeople a touchpoint with clients who might not have a project under development for quite some time. This is an excellent opportunity to build brand loyalty and establish trust with customers.

Make Customers Happier (and Wealthier)

These commercial solar customers in California are already ecstatic knowing that they’re going to see lucrative returns on their solar investments since they’re locked in at the much more favorable NEM 2.0 rates. This is a chance for astute EPC contractors to sweeten the deal further by offering them increased energy production and no cleaning concerns with the assistance of RST. Soiled panels should be every solar owner’s worst nightmare. Why? Because dirty panels produce less energy which directly translates to a lower ROI. Installing an automated cleaning solution is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of ensuring that solar panels perform optimally throughout their lifespan. 

Customers will jump at the opportunity to produce more clean energy over the course of the next twenty years, especially considering the fact that any new projects will struggle to see similar returns due to NEM 3.0’s less favorable rates. More importantly, by recommending RST NightWash™, solar installers can demonstrate that they have their customers’ best interests at heart. Most prospective solar owners know very little about the impact that soiling can have. Not only will they appreciate this guidance, but by focusing on $/kWh not $/W EPCs can show that they care about the monetary value of energy produced over the project’s lifetime – also known as the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

Don’t Let a Good Situation Pass You By

The time is now for solar EPC companies to generate additional revenue from pre-existing project pipelines, while giving customers true hands-off peace of mind. Automated solar panel cleaning is an excellent touchpoint for your sales staff, helping you maximize both your revenue AND your customers’. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you maximize profitability in the NEM 3.0 era.


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