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Homeowner Rick Deckman

Homeowner Rick Deckman

Up to 30%

Increased production


Solar panels cleaned

"My electrical load has increased over the years since getting several electric cars, and my true-up bill was getting larger and larger. The RST system really increased my production! Not only did it offset the additional electrical usage from charging, it also lowered my true-up bill. We are happy with the RST system."

Rick Deckman from Woodland Hills, CA, used RST to increase the production of his solar panels and reduce his true-up bill.


  • Increased production fast and simply while protecting panel warranties.
  • Increased production for pennies on the dollar compared to adding additional solar panels.
  • Offset increased electrical usage that wasn't considered when solar was installed.
  • Reduced utility true-up bill.

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Why RST CleanTech?

Over 10 years ago, we set out to solve one of the biggest problems facing solar – panel soiling. We wanted to find a way to keep panels clean, maximize energy production, protect panel warranties, and increase revenue for system owners.

We knew there had to be a way to achieve our goals that didn’t entail deploying thousands of bristle-wielding workers or robots onto high voltage solar arrays across the world. When we realized there wasn’t, we created one. Enter, RST NightWash™.

RST NightWash™ is a safe, cost-effective, and eco-friendly automated solar panel cleaning solution.


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