The RST Promise

Your solar panels could be producing up to 30% more energy. RST Cleaning Solutions Is The World’s Only Cost-Effective Automated Solar Panel Cleaning. Contact us today to produce more energy.

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Utility-scale Solar

The RST CleanTech System is created to optimize the production of your solar panels by recovering inevitable energy production losses caused by soiling. It is compatible with all ground-mount, single-axis, and dual-axis systems and works with all types of solar panels. The system is operated remotely so no more visits or scheduling required to clean the panels.   

The RST Cleantech system is designed and operated to maintain panel warranties long term. It cleans at night to avoid thermal stress on the glass, and due to a relatively high frequency of cleaning, it only applies water at lower pressure and without chemicals.   

RST CleanTech is water-efficient and runs on water pressure. There are almost no electrical costs.

Although being new on the US market, the RST technology is fully vetted with over 8 years in the field. It is currently installed on more than 1.5GW worldwide.

RST CleanTech is designed to run for the lifetime of your solar system and pays for itself quickly while improving overall project financials. If qualifying for the ITC), RST CleanTech will pay itself off even faster.

RST CleanTech is safe. The system clips to the solar panel frame and does not interact with the solar array. In addition, because the system is fully automated, it does not require people around your assets creating additional liability when cleaning the panels. 

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