Maximize investment returns and stablize OPEX costs with the RST NighWash System.

We know utility solar arrays need to be as efficient as possible to realize the largest returns for their investors. RST NightWash can significantly improve your project’s ROI by increasing solar production by up to 30%.  At the same time, RST can fix operating expenditures by removing labor from panel cleaning.     

Our patented system is compatible with all ground-mount, single-axis, and dual-axis systems, and it works with all types of solar panels. RST NightWash is operated remotely via our smartphone app, meaning no more visits or scheduling required to clean the panels.

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No brushes. No robots. No labor.

Control everything from the palm of your hand.

Our solution is so simple and cost-effective that we honestly can’t believe there are system owners out there losing money by not using it.

So, how does it work?

We offer a fully automated solar panel cleaning system with no moving parts that you can control from your phone. RST NightWash™ keeps your panels clean all the time.

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Get more
from your solar

Regular cleaning can increase production by up to 30%.

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Protect your
panel warranty

Designed in full compliance with manufacturers’ requirements.

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User Friendly:
Set and Forget

No brushes. No robots. No labor. Just automated cleaning controlled from our mobile app.

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Global stamp
of approval

Now cleaning 2,000,000+ panels globally each night.

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Earth’s favorite panel
cleaning system

No chemicals, no cleaning agents – just completely green solar panel cleaning.

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Keep human error
off your property

Our fully automated system reduces labor hazards and damage to rooftops.

Doing nothing is costing you money.

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