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Lesson 1.3 – Making Sure All Components Are There

Lesson 1.3 – Making Sure All Components Are There

Once the package arrives, the first thing we should do is check to make sure all the components are there.


1) Control board – Water Filter – Control unit assembly
2) Pipe connectors and end plugs (compression fittings)
3) Pipe/Sprinkler securing clips
4) Sprinklers
5) Polyethylene water pipe

6) Brass Garden Hose Y connector
7) Brass Coupling
8) UV resistant Zip Ties
9) Hole Puncher
10) Adapter Elbow


We supply generous amounts of each component, so you’ll end up with much more than you actually need for the job.
















As you open the cover for the control box assembly, you should see the internal components as shown here:

Note 1: There may be from 1 to 3 Water Outlet/Valve lines in the control box depending on the size of the installation.

2: It is important to ensure that a single valve does not have more than 25 sprinklers connected to it. This prevents too much loss in water pressure.