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Your solar panels could be producing up to 30% more energy. RST Cleaning Solutions Is The World’s Only Cost-Effective Automated Solar Panel Cleaning. Contact us today to produce more energy.

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Lesson 1.1 – Introduction

Lesson 1.1 – Introduction

Welcome to the RST CleanTech Certification test

The RST CleanTech Homekit is a fully automated solar panel cleaning system designed for residential use. RST is dedicated to delivering the highest quality – and correct installation is a crucial part of the performance of the system. This product must, therefore, be installed by a certified RST-CleanTech installation technician and used according to the installation instructions. It cannot be altered in any way as improper installation or operation will void the warranty.

There are three levels of RST certifications: Bronze, Silver, and Gold

The Bronze certification requires passing this online test

The Silver certification requires the installation of at least one system under the supervision of an RST installation technician

The Gold certification requires the installation of over 25 systems – with approval from an RST installation technician on at least one of those installations.

Good luck!

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