RST  Solar+
RST Solar+

RST Solar+

An automatic infrastructure for daily solar panel flushing by using filtering technologies and advanced water engineering to treat water scaling and corrosion found in water sources around the world. The system was designed and developed in accordance with the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance guidelines.

RST Solar+ Service and Maintenance

RST technology automatically flushes the solar panel system according to its location or position, changing seasons and the requirements of the customer. Most of the installed systems operate daily in the early hours of the morning. The system operates independently without the use of manual operators which reduces and even eliminates maintenance problems, increases effectiveness of the system and optimizes potential production.
We provide our clients with:

  • Daily automatic flushing
  • Annual water and filter evaluation
  • Water systems corrective service
  • Production analysis and comparison trends every quarter

RST Solar+ remote management

The control system and remote capabilities of RST enable full control of the operating times and frequency of the system in addition to monitoring and analysis in real time. Remote management provides optimal matching of the system with the needs of the customer, seasons of the year, system location, position and changing environmental factors. Control and accessibility are provided on a web based system and smartphone.

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