About Us

About Us

RST Cleantech Solutions Ltd was established in 2013 and rapidly has become a global leader in water purification technology and water engineering which supports various applications for daily O&M needs in various fields. With sales and marketing offices in USA,  Latin America and Middle East, the company specializes in solar PV industry, automatic operation and maintenance (O&M) solutions.

Its unique technology and low cost maintenance solution has led RST to become a leading O&M service provider for hundreds of systems. With its flagship application of water purification technology and automatic flushing infrastructure for Solar PV systems, RST technology is currently the easiest, simplest and MOST cost effective way of maintaining a clean solar system with maximum performance on a daily basis.

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RST Solar+ washes the panels automatically on a frequency determined by the location of the solar system, the seasons and the needs of the client. Most installed systems work on a daily basis in the early morning hours. RST Solar+ operates without human intervention, thus

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Residential projects

RST technology provides the optimum solution to all problems of inefficient operation and flushing of residential solar systems. It can be installed on a variety of rooftops i.e. slope, flat or beamed

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Commercial projects

Commercial solar systems are found mainly in agricultural and industrial areas and are affected mostly by constant exposure to climate and environmental influences such as dust, sand, mud accumulation,

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Utility projects

Large commercial solar systems are spread over large areas and require many hours of maintenance. Manual maintenance is costly and reduces profit margins. RTS technology provides the optimum solution for